Artwork by Verónica Blohm

We love to support local artists and you'll notice that our artwork changes. Currently we are featuring the work of Verónica Blohm:

I find each blank canvas to be an invitation to palpable infiniteness. How can I refuse? In painting I find a quiet, joyful place for my thoughts to become shapes and light. My intent is to transform feelings into lines and passion into color, and best offer beauty, fullness and pause for the viewer. I portray in pictures the subtle intensity which I believe is life: a fix of sensations, a breath of feelings: for my enjoyment and for those willing to come along.
Oil has proven to be the best media with which to represent what I appreciate: it is as rude and as soft as one wants it to be, which is really what I think all experience on this earth is about.

Verónica Blohm - Bio:
Venezuelan born of german descent, Verónica grew up between Caracas and the venezuelan state Guárico, and from early age was taught to connect with nature. This connection would later prove to be Blohm's best teacher and inspiration. Graduated from the Caracas' Design Institute, Verónica broadens her carrier and courses one year at la Escola Massana in Spain, while exploring Catalunya's Costa Brava and the south of France, mountain climbing almost every rock between the two countries. Verónica starts participating in street bazaars, live painting in the Barceloneta and finds a warm welcome for her art. Later moving to Berlin, she would indulge in the city's art movement and life style. Getting involved in social activities in squats turns out to be very fulfilling .

Blohm continues to draw in public spaces like bars and flee markets and sells on the spot, daydreaming of leaving her office job. For two years Poland becomes a refuge from the ''big bad city'' and Swieradów Zdrój, a small polish town, her quiet spot where to retreat. Contrast has kept her going and in 2012 establishes in Panamá and creates her workshop 'Atelier Escarlata' in a small town called Pedasí on the Pacific Coast, from where she works now.

In Pedasí Verónica also enjoys volunteering every Friday at a local NGO called the Azuero Earth Project offering activities to local kids, teaching them about connection to nature and self, through art and creative means.