Building Positive and Healthy Work Relationships

For the past month or so, members of the Blackbird family have been spending their Friday evenings together at the Victory Zone Gym in Signal Hill. In light of this blossoming tradition, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the importance of team building and maintaining healthy and mutually beneficial relationships within a work environment.

Becoming friends with your coworkers is an important step and will not only make work more enjoyable, but will also boost the work performances of both you and your peers. When building a strong team, whether you’re a jazz musician, a professional athlete, or a member of a restaurant staff, participating in activities outside of work with your teammates and establishing common interests will enhance the process; the strongest work relationships exist consequent of coworkers knowing and caring for one another.

Here at Blackbird, we believe in living happy, healthy lives; so in that spirit, Debbie, owner of the Blackbird, decided that an end-of-the-week trip to the gym would be a great place for the team to take a load off (in a positive way). There are also rumors of bowling nights in the near future! So go ahead, take the important step of becoming closer with your coworkers, it will improve your work relationships, productivity, and who knows what else? It might even earn you a new friend for life. Stay happy and stay healthy!